Six Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Showing

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Interested in Selling Your Home?

Here are Six Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Showing:

#1: Make A Great First Impression When Selling Your Home

The front door is one of the first things that the prospect sees, so make sure it is clean and fresh. Keep the lawn trimmed, and keep the yard free of debris.

#2: Decorate For A Speedy Sale

Worn woodwork, faded walls, and old furniture lessen the appeal of a home. Prospects want to feel like they’re buying something new because it is more exciting and can make them feel like they’re getting more value for their money. You shouldn’t waste words telling your prospect how your home could conceivably look. You can show them by redecorating. Neutral colors work well with any prospect’s color scheme, and a new touch of paint will usually result in a speedy, profitable sale.

#3: Repairs Can Make A Huge Difference

Minor flaws like warped cabinet drawers, doors and windows that stick, and loose knobs can leave your prospects with a bad taste in their mouths. Get them fixed. When prospects notice things that need attention, they start to worry about all the little things that they can’t see. Their minds start racing, the prospective buyer gets cold feet, and before you know it, they’re racing out the door.

#4: Illuminate The House

Lighting can make a big impression. The right kind of lighting can create a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. It can also illuminate the contours, curves, edges, and walls of the home interior. It can show off your furniture. Illumination is a welcome sign. You want the prospect to feel a kind of flowing warmth when you turn on all the lights for an evening showing.

#5: Have Your Agent Conduct The Showing

Show your home to prospects only through an appointment or a scheduled Open House. A real estate agent knows how to close the sale. They know how to guide and lead a prospect through the house.

#6: Check The Temperature

When you’re conducting a house showing (or having your real estate agent do so), don’t worry about your utility bill. If it’s chilly enough to wear a sweater, then turn on the heat.

If it’s muggy and humid outside, then turn on the air conditioning. It’s smarter to cool or heat the house a couple of degrees warmer or colder than usual and then set the temperature as you would otherwise. This will prevent the A/C or heat from kicking on when the prospect is there, since some HVAC systems can be really loud.

You want the temperature to be as comfortable as possible inside to give the prospect more of a reason to linger.

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